WHERE: 73 rue d’Aboukir 75002 (2ème arrondissement)
WHEN: Mon-Sat 8am-2am
HOW MUCH: espresso 2.50€; filter 3€; crème 4€; cocktails 7-12€; beer 6-9€
METRO: Sentier (line 3)
BEANS: Belleville Brûlerie
FOOD: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, aperitivo
CONTACT: Facebook; Tel: +33 1 77  32 97 21

Christophe, Olivier and Thomas Lehoux have made it their business to provide people with good drinks in both hemispheres. In Paris, Thomas has brought us some of the city’s best coffee at Ten Belles and has more recently entered the roasting business with David Flynn and Anselme Blayney at Belleville Brûlerie; Christophe has seen to it that trendy folk Down Under are kept cheerfully tipsy at his various cocktail bars in Sydney, which include Pocket Bar, Button Bar and Stitch Bar. Between them, they've got morning and evening drinks covered.

The most recent Lehoux venture, Lockwood, has seen the two elder brothers, Olivier and Christophe, pool the family talents to create one place where good drinks can be enjoyed all day round. 

To kick things off, Lockwood takes good care of all your coffee and breakfast needs. Muesli, banana bread and buttermilk biscuits will give you something to munch on while you get your caffeine hit, courtesy of Belleville Brûlerie. When lunchtime comes round, there's a plat du jour for 8€, buttermilk biscuits and gravy for 8-14€ (depending on your toppings), and a range of salads for about 7€. Wash it down with a glass of apple juice, direct from the Lehoux family orchard.

If you think it's about that time of day, then polish off the last few drops of your coffee and take a look at one of their cocktail lists, attached to the obligatory wooden clipboard. Names like Negroni, Ginger Collins and Chino Libre bring to mind hipster hangouts of New York, Sydney and London, a sentiment confirmed by the craft beers, yarn-bombed pipes and the spirit bottles hanging happily from occy straps. The display cabinet bar keeps your eyes busy with its random bric-a-brac and old editions of Le Monde Diplomatique, while the hip young staff members are always good for a chat in French or English.

Once the liquor starts flowing, the upstairs bar goes into aperitivo mode, featuring popcorn and peanuts as well as more serious nibbles like charcuterie, olives and bread. All of this comes free with a drink and is enjoyed in a warmly-lit, convivial atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re hanging with friends in a converted log cabin. To order dinner off their monthly-rotating menu, you can either stay right where you are, or from 7pm you’re invited to the downstairs bar which, after the journey through the long, descending passageway, feels more like a secret chamber in a castle than a licensed venue.

With Lockwood, les frères Lehoux have delivered a venue where all of the good things can be enjoyed from dusk to dawn: good coffee, good food, good cocktails, and good company. 

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