Folks and Sparrows

WHERE:  14 Rue St. Sebastien, 11th arrondissement. 
WHEN: 10:00 – 18:00, Tuesdays – Sundays
HOW MUCH: crème 4.5€; espresso: 2.5€
METRO: St. Sebastien – Froissart (line 8) or Richard Lenoir (line 5)  
FOOD: A range of sweet and savoury edibles, for breakfast, lunch and le goûter  
CONTACT: Facebook; Tel: +33 9 81 45 90 99 

Contributed by Alex Fox and Emily Jackson
Photos by Alex Fox

Folks and Sparrows, one of the latest additions to Paris’ 11th-arrondissement coffee scene, makes an effort to delight a visitor’s every sense. And delight them it does. 

Instantly upon entering the premises, you are greeted by the sweet smell of cinnamon and the serenading sound of calm country music. They permeate the café and set the scene for the enjoyable experience to follow. 

The décor and design of the interior are exceptional; the subtle, minimalist layout means that it is the customers and the produce that fill the room with colour. I like that. The space itself certainly perpetuates the rustic feel that the owner, Franck, envisioned after drawing inspiration from his days as the manager of a Brooklyn restaurant and his time spent in upstate New York. 

The pattern on the flooring is like a 3D optical illusion, making you feel like you have tumbled into some culinary wonderland. But rest assured, this is all real.

In any case, while the spirit of the café is certainly something to get excited about, it’s the coffee that does the talking. The Lomi beans, crafted into a customised Folks and Sparrows blend, more than satiate your appetite for caffeine. Leaning against the cool, stone wall of what seems like an ancient Parisian wine cellar, you feel like you are partaking in an age-old ritual, quietly contemplating the richness of the beverage at each sip. Nice.

Besides the coffee, Folks and Sparrows is home to a wide range of succulent edibles, like their own twist on the classic jambon-fromage, consisting of Prince de Paris ham (the best in the land, legend has it), Conté, Violette de Brive mustard and red pepper vinegar. It sounds fancy, but when it’s in full gustative harmony with your taste buds, it’s so beautifully simple. So simple, and so tasty. Other options include soups, bagels and tarts, both sweet and savoury. 

One of the highlights of this memorable place is the strikingly symmetrical shelf arrangement, to your left as you walk in. Stocked with produce from lands far and near, this impressive display boasts such exoticisms as Jamaican rum, Wisconsin(ian?) steel-cut oats, and Portuguese sardines. Coupled with the pickles, cheese, jams and drinks in the glass display cabinet, the mini-épicerie at Folks and Sparrows will keep you intrigued during your visit.


  1. One of our favorite coffee shop in Paris for his incredible amtmosphere (among the 30 we listed). Very nice grocery. And the pastrami....

  2. One of our favorite coffee shop in Paris among the big list we made. The shop is very interesting.

  3. Love this place! Always nice to go visit "Hairy Brad Pitt!" :-)