A Propos

France is a land of fine things. The French pride themselves on their fine wine, fine food and fine fashion. Unfortunately, as most of you have probably discovered, the coffee in France is far from fine. It is indeed very much not fine. This should not, however, come as a surprise. Nobody is perfect, and the French are no exception. Sure, in France you might find 750 euro caviar, succulent boeuf bourgignon in five-star restaurants and seafood platters fit for a king. However, you will also find that the French are the second biggest consumers of McDonald's in the world and that most people prefer powdered to real mashed potato. 

So, like me, you will also have noticed that the French have settled for second-class coffee. Yep, that bitter, burnt, black beverage that you find in your cup after ordering un café, s'il vous plaît is French coffee. Fortunately, Paris has been surfing the third wave of coffee for the past few years. The specialty coffee business is in full flight in France's capital, and it is no longer impossible to drink a decent cup in the City of Light.

The aim of this site is to provide a directory of the places in Paris that, broadly speaking, fall into the "specialty" or "third-wave" coffee category. Generally, this means that the café uses a high-quality machine, non-UHT milk, freshly and locally roasted coffee beans and employs well-trained baristas. The result is that the café serves coffee that one might find in places like Sydney, Auckland, New York, or other cities that have already adopted this kind of coffee culture. 

As the number of such cafés in Paris increases, so does the variety of the cafés. Whether it's a specialty espresso bar, a restaurant, a cupcake shop or an art gallery, as long as they aim to serve the kind of coffee typical of the third-wave culture, they will be on this site. This means that the quality of the coffee may vary from place to place, but since my aim is not so much to critically review as to provide a list, I will leave the more subjective points for the comments section. 

Like John Cleese (playing the Pope) said in Monty Python's Michelangelo sketch, after being presented with said artist's latest proposal for the Last Supper in which he had painted twenty-eight disciples, three Messiahs and a kangaroo:

"I don't know much about art, but I know what I like!".

I'm not a barista and I'm certainly no coffee expert, but I sure do love me a tasty flat white.

All comments, suggestions and extra info regarding the cafés mentioned are most welcome. If you would like to contribute, feel free to get in touch. You can contact me here in English or French. I also have approximately zero knowledge of web design, so if you notice something terrible on the site don't hesitate to point it out.