Some links

Here are a few Paris coffee-related links that might interest some of you:

L'Arbre à Café: Hippolyte Courty
A short video about l'Arbre à Café, with some comments from the founder, Hippolyte Courty, about 

Specialty Coffee: Paris Awakening - Puxan BC
A short documentary about the arrival of specialty coffee in Paris. Featuring Coutume, Lomi, Loustic, l'Arbre à Café, KB and La Caféothèque.

Why is coffee in France la merde? - Anna Brones - Roads & Kingdoms
This is a very recent article that explores why coffee culture in France has failed to produce a good standard of coffee, and ties it in with the history of coffee in France. It features Café Lomi and Holybelly Café. 

La revanche du petit noir - Emmanuel Tresmontant - Le Monde
This is an article that discusses the disappearance of artisanal bean roasting and in France and rejoices in the revival of this practice (amongst others) in specialty coffee shops in Paris. It features Café Coutume. 

Baristas Parisiennes - Merci Alfred
A little mosaic of a few of the lovely ladies behind the coffee machines in some of the cafés on this site. It features Café Lomi, Soul Kitchen, Café Coutume, Sugarplum, La Caféothèque and Tuck Shop.

A video report from Comment ça va? Bien!, a segment on France 2, that talks about the new style of coffee that has arrived in Paris. I personally love how amazed the reporters are at this apparently completely novel approach to the beverage, and the fuss they make over the word 'barista'. It features Café Lomi.